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30 September, 1975

William and Emily Potter
2514 Salisbury Ct

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Sep. 15th, 2005

01 September 1975
Aboard the Hogwarts Express

*The compartment door slides shut on Peter and Sirius, who have gone after the witch with the sweet cart. James sits back relaxedly in his seat, stretching his legs out in front of him and tossing a handful of Jelly Slugs into his mouth. The countryside flies by in a green and blue blur, the cool air from the window blowing his hair back as he peers out the window.*

This is going to be a good year. It had better. It's been months since we really got the knack of transforming, so now's our time to have some fun with it.

*He watches the clouds up above, knocking a knuckle absently against the glass. He's really planning to make this year his year, in any way he can manage. They're starting NEWT level classes, he's got more career planning to do, and he and Sirius have already started planning out pranks for the weeks ahead.*

Really, there's nothing standing in my way at all... nothing keeping me from having the perfect year.

*He catches a reflection of red in the window and whirls around. Outside his compartment, Lily has stopped, turning as if someone's called her name. James frowns, moving quietly to the opposite side of the compartment to see who it is.*

*When Snape walks up, James' interested look deepens to a frown.* Fucking Snivelly... just shows what a good person she is, having a charity case friend like that. *He hunkers down in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest and scowling at nothing.*

*He glances their way periodically. Not too often. Certainly not once every ten seconds. Or once every five. The two move off in the same direction, and James huffs, unfolding his arms and sprawling out on his seat with an exasperated look on his face.*

*He will be in the same position ten minutes later when Sirius and Pete come back from their sweet-seeking expedition with stories of Lily, Snape and Sinistra sharing a compartment together.*

*Really, James will reflect later, it was just the sort of thing he needed to give his prank planning focus.*


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