James Potter (pronged) wrote,
James Potter

30 September, 1975

William and Emily Potter
2514 Salisbury Ct

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks for the package with your last letter. Sirius ate most of it, of course, and Peter most of the rest, but MRemus got a good handful of the chocolates and I kept the Soda Suckers. They all think you're the best parents in the world, you know- pity they don't know what you're really like to live with, eh? Pete says I'd better say just kidding or you might not send another package, but you know I am.

School's fine of course, don't bother asking. Aced the first Transfiguration practical of the term, pulled an O in Charms last week, and I'm even passing Arithmancy again. You should be extra proud too, I haven't been in detention once. Well, maybe once, but it wasn't my fault, and I mean it this time. But Professor McGonagall says she's been proud of the way I've behaved so far, says I'm showing improvement. Even I agree fifteen detentions in one term was far too many.

First Hogsmeade weekend's in three weeks or so. I heard a rumour they're going to put the Hallowe'en feast in town this year, make it a bit of a bigger party. Should be interesting; the Prewetts stopped by last week to say hello and they said if that does happen they'll be there, which would be aces. They're such fun, it's a shame they've left. Gideon's doing some sort of intensive Cursebreaking college or something, isn't that amazing? God, that'd be the coolest job ever- next to being an Auror of course. Not that inkmaking isn't exciting, Dad, but you know, I like something with a bit more danger.

Anyway got to dash, about to be late to dinner and if I'm late Sirius will have eaten everything. Bloody great stomach on legs. Says hi, is trying to steal the quill to say hello himself, but won't let him. Says he'll see you at Christmas. Bye!

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